Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Newsweek Cover Story: Memory Pharmacology

The cover story for the 06 December 2004 issue of Newsweek deals with developments in cognitive neuroscience and with drugs that may improve or enhance memory functioning:
The Quest for Memory Drugs
By Mary Carmichael
Dec. 6 issue - To say that Aplysia Californicus is one of nature's least glamorous beasts would be too kind. A hermaphroditic marine snail with mottled purple skin, it keeps to itself, responding to disturbances by emitting a murky fluid that stains the water around it. Its "brain," if you can call it that, is stunningly simple, with only a few thousand oversize neurons. It is not, in short, a likely candidate for glory in the animal kingdom. But a few years from now, much of the baby-boom generation may be greatly indebted to this unprepossessing little creature. Aplysia may look homely, but to scientists hoping to develop memory-enhancing medicine, it is a thing of beauty.
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