Thursday, April 21, 2005

Narrative: Post-Traumatic-Brain-Injury Recovery

This narrative by a writer for The Miami Herald includes a good description of the resolution of her post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) (also called post-traumatic confusional state) in the recovery from the head injury she sustained.

Recovering life, self after coma
The Miami Herald
18 April 2005
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Elisa Turner, The Herald's art critic, was in a severe car accident in August. The accident left her in a coma. Here is her story on finding her way back.

It was the water's spray that nudged me back, its warmth on my skin tugging me from the stupor that had robbed me of sensation, of my self, of everything. Though still only half awake, I realized I was sitting on a chair in a shower and that my close friend Iliana Garcia was washing my hair.

But the bathroom tile, a drab beige I never would have chosen, did not make sense. Where was I? Why was Iliana washing my hair? I will never forget the weirdness of waking up this way. Then my dim awareness melted away, and I got very sleepy again.



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