Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Narrative: Brain Abscess

My brain abscess and me
I had no idea I had a potentially fatal infection. Now, after my life-saving surgery, I will never take my health for granted again
Tim Lusher
The Guardian
Tuesday 3 November 2009

Read Tim's narrative report here.


"Finally, on Tuesday morning, someone realises something is horribly wrong. My GP sees immediately that my gait is clumsy, my focus wild, my speech slurring. She sends me straight to A&E at the Royal London hospital and phones ahead to order a brain scan. There, I collapse gratefully into the care of doctors and nurses."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother Phil passed away this week with a brain infection. We are in such shock. He died within 12 hours of reaching the hospital. We will never get over this tragedy. It took him so fast, he never had a chance. We know that Jah will keep his spirit and we will see him in the new world paradise. His loving sister, LaRue King

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