Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MOOC: "Medical Neuroscience" from Duke at Coursera, Week Two

The first week of the new offering "Medical Neuroscience" has ended and the second begun. I read somewhere that 40-odd thousand people had registered for it. This likely means that about 4000 people will see it through, in terms of the trajectories I have seen in other Coursera offerings. A good group of people contributing to the Discussion Forums, including the Instructor (which is good to see). It is an intensive course for a Coursera offering, with a suggested time commitment of 16-to-20 hours per week. Whether this commitment effects un-enrollments over time will be a curious phenomenon. The first week's lectures were a top-notch job of gross neuroanatomy and of cross-sections of interior gross neuroanatomy. Excellent video and presentations. In all, an excellent start to a course that holds a lot of promise for an educational experience!


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