Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dr. Wilder Penfield Digital Collection

Wilder Penfield Digital Collection
Wilder Penfield Digital Collection
McGill University Library and Archives

From the homepage:

"This digital collection consists of a sample of materials selected from McGill University's Osler Library of the History of Medicine's Wilder Penfield Fonds, P142. The images, letters, and other records found here were chosen by the former director of the MNI and close friend of Penfield, Dr. William Feindel, for their significance in documenting both Penfield's life and the history of the Institute. This digitized selection contains material concerning his early life, family, and medical training, the establishment of the MNI, and elements of Penfield's medical research, as well as important peacetime and wartime research and treatment projects carried out by the MNI up until the 1980s."


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