Saturday, May 28, 2005

In The Weeklies

In the weeklies:

The New England Journal of Medicine
26 May 2005
Includes a series of brain-related book reviews:
Neuroprotection: Models, Mechanisms and Therapies , Brain and Spinal Tumors of Childhood , Brain Tumors , and From Neuroscience to Neurology: Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, and the Therapeutic Transformation of Neurology .

British Medical Journal
28 May 2005
Includes two brain-related book reviews: The Lobotomist and The 21st Century Brain.

26 May 2005
Jeremy M. Wolfe, Todd S. Horowitz, and Naomi M. Kenner. Cognitive psychology:  Rare items often missed in visual searches. Nature; 2005, 435: 439-440. [doi : 10.1038/435439a]
Our society relies on accurate performance in visual screening tasks — for example, to detect knives in luggage or tumours in mammograms. These are visual searches for rare targets. We show here that target rarity leads to disturbingly inaccurate performance in target detection: if observers do not find what they are looking for fairly frequently, they often fail to notice it when it does appear.
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