Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Game Brain

From and The San Francisco Chronicle, continued penetration of pop neuropsychology into everyday life:

'Brain gym' may exorcise Boomers' fears about aging
Heidi Benson, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marathon-happy Baby Boomers, those 78 million Americans born from 1946 to '64, were the first generation to make a religion of physical fitness. Now, they are investing time and money to maintain what's above their six-pack abs and rippling biceps: their brains.

"People are living longer, and they want their brains to keep up with their bodies," said Lisa Schoonerman, who is on top of the trend.

She and her life partner, Jan Zivic, have opened a "brain gym," called vibrantBrains, on Sacramento Street in San Francisco.

"Studies show that regular mental workouts are WD-40 for the brain," Schoonerman said. "It's preventative maintenance."

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