Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Neuropsychology Abstract of the Day: Cross-Cultural Distance Continuing Education for Physicians

Llambí L, Margolis A, Toews J, Dapueto J, Esteves E, Martínez E, Forster T, López A, & Lockyer J. Distance education for physicians: Adaptation of a Canadian experience to Uruguay. Journal of Continuing Education for Health Professionals. 2008 Spring; 28(2): 79-85.

EviMed, Montevideo, Uruguay.

INTRODUCTION: The production of online high-quality continuing professional development is a complex process that demands familiarity with effective program and content design. Collaboration and sharing across nations would appear to be a reasonable way to improve quality, increase access, and reduce costs. METHODS: In this case report, the process of adapting and modifying a course to improve the management of Alzheimer's disease developed for the Canadian context for use in Uruguay is described. RESULTS: Both quantitative and qualitative data on the process are shown. The original course was developed by the University of Calgary in the 1990s, and taught initially face to face and later online. The adaptation included using a distance education system developed and widely used in Uruguay, called eviDoctor. DISCUSSION: The key aspects of transforming this course from one country to another with different resources, health care systems, culture, and language are analyzed. Problems encountered are described, as well as their possible solutions.

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