Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day in Canada

Today is election day in Canada. Vote!

Here is a discussion of one of the health care issues in Canada: a shortage in the number of physicians:

From The CBC:

Why MDs are scarce and what can be done about it
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Toronto life insurance broker said...

Very interesting article, thanks. I am maybe deformed by my profession, but I believe there is the only help - money money money. Please correct me, but I think when we compare how medical staff is paid in the USA and what money they get here, no wonder they don't have motivation. Of course, USA are not the best example of health care (and doctors there have different problems..), but without more funds we can't move. I wonder what will our next government (Harper again??) say about private insurance spreading...
Take care

Anthony Risser said...

Thanks for posting, Lorne.