Thursday, November 27, 2008

CBC Program This Evening


Jaime said...

I see that this show is a Canadian Broadcast. I would very much like to watch it. Do you know if it will be available on the internet following?

Just another stupid actress said...

I'd love to read your educated opinion about brainfood.

How do you think man-made compounds like hydrogenated oil or modified food starch effect the brain? High-fructose corn syrup?

Do you think we are playing God by transferring "food" from the conveyor belt to our Nature-Made brains?

Do you think eating preservatives threatens our chance of becoming more intelligent?

Janani Chakrapani said...

hello sir,
Iam a undergrad student in india.I came across your brainblog while searching for projects under BCI field and iam very impressed by it sir.Iam interested in doing a project under brain computing interface.As i dont have proper guidance it would be very kind of you if you suggest me any BCI project that i can take up in my U.G.

The Mentalist said...

Hi Anthony,

Really enjoy your recent writing. How did your interest in the brain start? Are you writing to gain more of a profile in the neurosciences environment or to collect inspiring things you find? Let's meet up sometime.


The Mentalist

Anthony Risser said...

Jaime - You'd have to check the website to see if the program remains available either as online content or as a podcast. Thanks!