Monday, September 21, 2009

Parkinson's: Wii-hab and Symptom Improvement

From The Times (UK):

The latest Parkinson’s treatment: Wii-hab
Parkinson’s disease symptoms could be controlled by a game that can be bought on every high street, says a recent study

Simon Crompton
21 September 2009


This summer, the Medical College of Georgia in the United States announced the striking results of its research into the effects of “Wii-hab” on people with Parkinson’s disease. In an eight-week study, 18 people were asked to play Wii Sports, including virtual versions of boxing and ten-pin bowling, for an hour a day, three times a week for four weeks. By the end of that time all the participants showed significant improvements in rigidity, movement, fine motor skills and energy levels. Importantly, their depression levels also decreased; depression affects around half of people with Parkinson’s disease.


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