Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alzheimer Disease: A Care Project

From The Times (UK):

Fighting Alzheimer's with a touch of beauty
A pioneering care project demonstates how literature, music, art and love can improve the lives of dementia sufferers

28 February 2010
The Times
Margarette Driscoll

"In other words, people who appear to be lost to the world can still be reached through art, literature and music — and love. At Hearthstone, a group of seven homes looking after some 220 people with Alzheimer’s that Zeisel had helped to found in Massachusetts, residents are encouraged to paint and are taken on regular outings to galleries. They have reading circles and a film club.

“The development of new drugs to treat Alzheimer’s is helping people live a little bit longer,” says Zeisel. “What we’re asking ourselves is, how do we make that life worth living?”"


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Sophia said...

Saw a video this weekend which brings this article to life. It is called "I Remember Better When I Paint", and features Rita's daughter intimately discussing how art and beauty helped her mom in dealing with this disease, and also features an interview with the gentleman mentioned in the article. While we saw it on DVD, we discovered it via a youtube clip. More info on the film here, if of interest:

Anthony Risser said...

Thanks, Sophia, for your comment!