Sunday, January 30, 2011

VS Ramachandran

From The Observer

VS Ramachandran: The Marco Polo of neuroscience
Among his contemporaries he's a pioneer who, by using real mirrors and looking at mirror neurons, is changing the way we think about thinking

Andrew Anthony
The Observer
Sunday, 30 January 2011

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Anonymous said...

To be sure Ramachandran has done some interesting work in brain science. He has also made a number of remarkable speculations about mirror neurons that have turned out to be unsupported by most of the research that has been done in that area. In particular, his theory that autism is caused by dysfunctional mirror neuron systems has been challenged on a number of fronts. There is not even a consensus that mirror neurons exist in humans. The article from the Observer is a good example of the popular infatuation with Ramachandran's books; however if you read the reviews of his newest book in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal you will find a much more critical discussion.