Monday, February 28, 2011

Upcoming Event: Brain Awareness Week (14-20 March 2011)

Brain Awareness Week is coming up quickly.

Here is the Dana Foundation's website for the event: Brain Awareness Week.

From the website:
"Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Every March BAW unites the efforts of organizations worldwide in a week-long celebration of the brain.

"During BAW campaign partners organize activities to educate and excite people of all ages about the brain and brain research. Events are limited only by the organizers’ imaginations. Examples include open days at neuroscience laboratories; museum exhibitions about the brain; lectures on brain-related topics; displays at malls, libraries, and community centers; and classroom workshops."

If you know something about the brain, then teach something to someone who does not. It's simple and easy!


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