Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cognition-Enhancer Pharmaceuticals

A new report, from Britain, on trends and future possibilities for cognitive-enhancing medications (sometimes referred to as "cosmetic neurology, " "nootropics," and "smart drugs") has been released.

From the BBC:
Brain-boost drugs 'to be common'

Healthy people, including children, might one day take drugs to boost their intelligence, scientists predict.

The think-tank Foresight, outlined the scenario in an independent report looking at potential developments over the next 20 years.

Such "cognitive enhancers" could become as "common as coffee", they suggest.

Scientists did not rule out children taking exams facing drug tests, as sportsmen do, to see if any have taken 'performance enhancing substances'.

The report was compiled by 50 experts, who set out their predictions for the next two decades.
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You can download the 44-page Foresights report by accessing this link: Cognition enhancers by Roy Jones, Kelly Morris, and David Nutt.
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