Monday, July 11, 2005

Neuroscience-of-Orgasm Studies and The Secret Life of the Brain; Dementia, too

The Mind Hacks blog crew posted two posts today that provide links to an Australian radio show’s detailed look at recent neuroscientific studies of orgasm and to content and visual segments from the PBS series The Secret Life of the Brain which aired several years back, but remains available online. I recall that the PBS show's website had pretty decent rotatable 3-D brain graphics which my undergraduate course at that time reported enjoying:

Mind Hacks on All in the Mind on the 'orgasmic brain'.

Mind Hacks on The Secret Life of the Brain on PBS.

Thanks, Mind Hacks!

(Note: Looking the All in the Mind webpage on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) website indicates that the two prior shows by that radio host were on the topic of dementia. As with the neuroscience-of-orgasm show, these dementia shows have available media streams and transcripts.)
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