Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sports Safety and Traumatic Brain Injury: S100 Batting Helmet

Batting Helmet is Safer, but Players Hate the Look
The New York Times
Published: August 13, 2009

"Some major league players don’t want to sacrifice comfort and style for the added protection of Rawlings’ new helmet."

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[Note: The helmet is called the Rawlings S100 and the company's website has promotional material about it's features.}

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barbara said...

I work in the brain injury rehabilitation field in England and am researching information on Sports Related Acquired Brain Injury - helmet non usage in some sports is frightening! It is literally 'mind-blowing' to realise that an athlete would prefer good looks over safety.

I chose to dedicate my hour on the Fourth Plinth in London to try and make an impact on children, by demonstrating "Be Safe Not Scrambled", on 23 Sept 07.00

Cycle Safety and Children: Brainy Bear teches children why it is so important to wear a helmet during "Be Safe Not Scrambled" demonstration.

Fourth Plinth participant 07.00 on 23rd September, Wednesday dedicates her hour to raise safety awareness with 6 minute presentation.

'Brainy Bear' demonstrates what happens when both an unprotected egg and an egg protected by a helmet are dropped on the floor of the plinth. The results speak volumes!

Please visit, leave a message and mouse click "I like this Bit" to help raise awareness of wearing a helmet during activities/sports such as cycling to prevent injury!

For images/press release please contact me at and