Monday, March 29, 2010

In the Wide World: Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Novel Tech Ethics research team at Dalhousie University, where today's Neuropsychology Abstract of the Day originated:

Novel Tech Ethics website

From the homepage:
"The Novel Tech Ethics research team led by Fran├žoise Baylis and based at Dalhousie University, focuses on novel technologies that promise transformation. These technologies challenge us to explore the social, political, and cultural understandings of the self, and to reexamine our ethical obligations to others, including those with whom we will not co-exist.

"Currently, the Novel Tech Ethics research team has a particular focus on neural, genetic, and reproductive technologies. Grant-funded projects in these areas address the concerns of the individual, the community and the species. Academic exchanges, public discussion and debate contribute to our understanding of these issues and also help to inform public policy."

Among other features at the website, podcasts of presentations for their 2009 conference, BrainMatters: New Directions in Neuro Ethics, are available on this page:
Conference Podcasts

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