Monday, March 08, 2010

In the Wide World: Norwegian Neuropsychological Society

The Norwegian Neuropsychological Society/Norsk Nevropsykologisk Forening:


From the homepage:

"The Norwegian Neuropsychological Society (NNS) was formed in 1996 and professor Hallgrim Kløve was elected as NNA’s first chair. The aims of the Association are to promote neuropsychology in Norway, stimulate exchange of national and international communication among neuropsychologists, and stimulate development in neuropsychology as well as to provide information both internally and toward the public.

"The NNS is an interest organisation that has its member base in the Norwegian Psychological Association. The regulations of the NNS comply with the regulations of the Norwegian Psychological Association. From 2007 we have formally been approved as an associated interest group with the Norwegian Psychological Association."

Now, you can follow them on Twitter, too.

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