Friday, September 02, 2011

"Autobiographer": Theatre Production on Alzheimer's Theme

New show, ‘Autobiographer’, to tour the UK and Ireland this autumn
02 September 2011

From the website:

"A new production from award-winning theatre artist Melanie Wilson begins a tour of the UK and Ireland this autumn. Part sound installation, part theatre performance, ‘Autobiographer’ reveals a curious and evocative portrait of a life refracted through the lens of dementia.

"Autobiographer is about memory: the memory of a 76-year-old woman, Flora. Flora has a dementia, but the piece is not about dementia itself - rather, it is about how she recalls her full and long life as her memories unravel and become unreliable. Voiced by multiple performers, four actors play the role of Flora at different ages, creating a multilayered portrayal of her life.

"With a lyrical text, immersive staging and an enigmatic and compelling performance style, Wilson uses space and sound to create a warm but disorientating experience that grips the audience in Flora's fractured memory."

Full Autobiographer announcement

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London Counselling said...

Interesting concept for a play. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'll be interested in seeing what other themes contrast with Flora's dementia.