Friday, September 30, 2011

Upcoming Event: "Celluloid Science" (NYC, 20 Oct 2011)

On the 20th of October, the New York Academy of Sciences is hosting the following event:

Celluloid Science: Humanizing Life in the Lab

From the website:

"Science & the City teams with the Imagine Science Film Festival (ISFF) to present a panel discussion about telling the stories of science through film. Moderating this panel will be A Planet of Viruses author Carl Zimmer. On the panel will be Sean Carroll, PhD (evolutionary biologist and founder of the Howard Hughes Medical institute's Documentary Institute); David J. Heeger, PhD (neuroscientist who studies the brains under the influence of cinematic stimuli); Darcy Kelley, PhD (biologist at Columbia University); and Valerie Weiss, PhD (scientist and award-winning writer and director, Losing Control)."

Full description here

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